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Healthy Eating Tips

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While there is a ton of emphasis on exercising to stay fit you should not overlook your eating habits either. Healthy eating is just about one of the most important things you can do if you want to stay healthy and avoid illnesses. If fact, if you were to talk to an expert, they will tell you that a combination of exercise and eating correctly are the two best things you can do for your body. There’s a common example of this, which you may have already heard: You would never think about putting the wrong type of gas into your car. You know that you won’t get too far before you run into a slew of ...

Why I Stopped Dieting

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I come from a family with a propensity for obesity. It is my curse, a curse I share with my mother, sister, numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and even my children. We do not use this tendency as an excuse for being overweight, although we certainly view it with great disdain! My mother has been overweight most of her life. As a child, I would listen in on her conversations about dieting and weight loss with my favorite aunt, as we drove around town, my younger sister and I fidgeting in the back seat. Their discussions usually revolved around what diet they were on, and which one they heard worked better. Amazingly, ...

Weight Loss – Why Almost all Diets Fail

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Whilst dieting can help people reach their goals in achieving a healthy weight loss, there are many people who fall off the wagon and just can't follow through. In fact thousands of people spend a big part of their lives swinging between every new fad diet that hits the market. This might sound depressing but it is surmountable and dieting doesn't have to result in failure. What it comes down to is your mental attitude and commitment to making it work. You already know there is no magic trick that will make it happen the only way to success is through your own efforts. I know it is easier to throw in the ...